The Doug Dragster Program

The Doug Dragster Program is a comprehensive and holistic program, which provides practical framework for personal well being, social and emotional learning and Independent problem solving, Children learn a simple series of integrated visual images that provide a model to understand and manage behaviour in order to optimize well-being and success.

What is the Doug Dragster Program?

The program revolves around the story of a group of cars who are on the journey of life and discovery. They are confronted by challenges which they overcome with the help of a mysterious Magic Book. The car characters then explain the process in detail through a learning journal of cartoons and fact sheets from the Ministry of Cars (Doug Dragster’s Magic Book). It is designed as an enduring and practical resource and reference for young people as they move towards adulthood.

Click HERE for the detailed curriculum.

Trainer: Ivan Honey (Author of Doug Dragster Program)
Training Dates: TBA
Price: TBA
Venue: Relationship Enhancement Institute
*Suitable for both adults and children alike.

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