Choice Theory

In  4 days, participants will learn:

• The five basic needs that drive behavior, and how to utilize this knowledge with yourself and others.

• The four parts of total behavior,and how you can use this to manage your emotions effectively and rapidly achieve outcomes.

• The quality world which represents the source of motivation and inspiration, and how to access this for yourself, your staff and clients.

• The three major perceptual filters, through which we view the world and create our own reality.

• Dr Glasser’s ‘Car Metaphor’ as developed through The Doug Dragster Program and Cars’R’Us Kit. You can use these to explain and simplify the model, and assist people through a gentle, highly effective process to manage change.

• How to apply Choice Theory to Lead Managing, to create systems that provide high levels of quality and the best outcomes.

• How to apply Choice Theory to problem solving also using The Doug Dragster Program and Cars’R’Us, Learn the most effective questions to ask to assist people to help themselves.

• How to create a more peaceful life, by giving up trying to control others or allowing others to control us.

• Learn the basics of The Doug Dragster Program. The program helps equip children and adults with the keys to taking control of their own lives and become confident, strong and resilient. The program provides a framework to develop good relationships and emotional intelligence.

Trainer: Ivan Honey (Author of Doug Dragster Program)
Training Dates: TBA
Price: TBA
Venue: Relationship Enhancement Institute

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