The Grief Recovery Method Program (Aug 11-14th 2014)-CLOSED


Timing: 11th August – 14th August 2014 (Closed)
Place: Relationship Enhancement Institute (Click HERE for map)
Trainer: Russell Freidman

The four-day Grief Recovery Method Certification Training (Click HERE for video) is an intensive, experiential, and didactic course that will change how you think and what you know about grief and recovery from loss. You will acquire a new awareness about grief and better skills to help grievers with the actions of The Grief Recovery Method.

The uniqueness of the program lies in the essential idea that grief is a normal and natural emotional reaction to loss. Although that is an accurate statement, the majority of guidance for grieving people tends to move them toward their intellects to deal with their pain. “Grievers don’t wind up at our door with broken heads, they arrive with broken hearts.”

We insist that our participants in the training be willing to take the same emotional actions they are going to ask of the people they help. Our training is exclusively focused on helping people deal with what remains emotionally incomplete at the time of a death, a divorce, or other loss.

So, what will the training mean to you?

You will be trained and authorized by The Grief Recovery Institute® to facilitate the 12-week Grief Recovery Method Outreach Program for groups, the 7-session One-on-One Grief Recovery Method Program for individuals, and the 6-week Helping Children Deal with Loss Program to guide adults in helping the children in their care.

You will be able to announce your affiliation with The Grief Recovery Institute and to align yourself with the intellectual properties we have developed over the past thirty years. You will also have ongoing access to our mentoring support.

The Training Includes

  • The Grief Recovery Manual with our three program formats and study materials
  • Unlimited support over the phone and online. We will mentor you every step of the way as you apply The Grief Recovery Method
  • Access to our online membership area with exclusive content only available to Certified Grief Recovery Specialists®
  • You will be added to our Referral Network. We put grievers in touch with our Certified Grief Recovery Specialists every day
  • Materials to develop speeches and in-services to assist you in bringing the concepts of The Grief Recovery Method to organizations or groups within your community.

Loss is Our Only Issue

The element that most distinguishes our program from others is the singular focus on helping people deal with the conflicting emotions caused by the change or end in anything familiar. The list of losses that produce grief includes more than 40 life events, so dealing with loss is a full-time task for us.

Who is this training for?

Mental Health Professionals: Many therapists believe that The Grief Recovery Method is the missing link for completing the discoveries that have surfaced during their work with clients, as well as a major adjunct to effective ongoing therapy. They are able to expand their practice with a Grief Recovery Specialty.

Clergy and Hospice: More than any other professional group, the clergy and hospice staff are most likely to be involved when a family has experienced the death of a loved one or an issue of loss.

Funeral Professionals: In addition to the clergy, this is the primary group that is literally there at the time of loss. The bottom-line reality is that a grieving family is sitting in a funeral director’s office in the days after a death. It behooves all who interact with the bereaved to have the most effective tools for dealing with the emotions caused by death.

Life Coaches, Educators, and Massage Therapists: Since The Grief Recovery Method Certification Training is an educational process, rather than therapy, all that is required is a loving heart and a genuine desire to help grieving people.

People whose lives have been altered by loss: Many people who have experienced major devastating losses feel compelled to help others. However noble the intentions, that desire must be matched by effective information and a workable program.

Correct language is Crucial To Recovery

Three decades of working with grieving people has taught us how critical every word can be for them. Grievers constantly hear, “You have to let go and move on.” That may seem poetic and sound reassuring, but it’s terrible advice that leaves them confused and asking these questions: “Let go of what?” “Move on to where?” and, “How do I do that?”

The Certification Training will help you understand a host of language flaws that leave grievers feeling unsafe and therefore unwilling to take the actions of recovery. You’ll also learn why grievers tend to intellectualize their grief which causes long-term emotional distress and moves them away from the possibility of recovery. You’ll learn how to help them move from head to heart so that recovery is actually possible.

Principle, Action and Publications

Grief is the conflicting feelings caused by a change or end of a familiar pattern of behavior. That guiding principle allows willing participants to discover and complete what was left emotionally unfinished by a death, a divorce, or other loss.

Recovery from grief or loss is achieved by a series of small and correct actions taken by the griever. The primary purpose of the Certification Training is to teach you how to help grieving people take the actions of The Grief Recovery Method.

The principles and actions of Grief Recovery were established in the first edition of The Grief Recovery Handbook, self-published by John W. James in 1986. Now in its third major revision (The 20th Anniversary Edition by John W. James and Russell Friedman), it has been read and used by more than one million people. In 2001, HarperCollins published John and Russell’s second book, When Children Grieve. “Once in a generation, a book comes along that alters the way society views a topic.” Bernard McGrane, Professor of Sociology, Chapman University.

Regular Fee: $2,200 (Payment Received before 10 August 2014)

Click HERE for the application form and send it to for processing.

Registration is CLOSED.

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