The Doug Dragster Program

The Doug Dragster Program is a comprehensive and holistic program, which provides practical framework for personal well being, social and emotional learning and Independent problem solving, Children learn a simple series of integrated visual images that provide a model to understand and manage behaviour in order to optimize well-being and success.

What is the Doug Dragster Program?

The program revolves around the story of a group of cars who are on the journey of life and discovery. They are confronted by challenges which they overcome with the help of a mysterious Magic Book. The car characters then explain the process in detail through a learning journal of cartoons and fact sheets from the Ministry of Cars (Doug Dragster’s Magic Book). It is designed as an enduring and practical resource and reference for young people as they move towards adulthood.

Click HERE for the detailed curriculum.

Trainer: Ivan Honey (Author of Doug Dragster Program)
Training Dates: TBA
Price: TBA
Venue: Relationship Enhancement Institute
*Suitable for both adults and children alike.

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The Grief Recovery Method® Questionnaire

Are you Moving Beyond Relationship Losses?
Our Grief Recovery Method Questionnaires  will tell you why….

Our time proven method is based in part on helping grievers create a new level of awareness. Part of that process is helping you to better understand all of the different life experiences that produce grief.
These questions are only a partial list of the possible LOSSES we can experience.

Grief Questionnaire Yes No
Did you move more than twice before the age of 10?
Did you ever have a pet die?
Did you have early childhood religious training?
Have you experienced a major change in financial conditions?
Have you ever quit a job?  Have you ever been fired?
Have you ever been married or divorced?
Did you graduate from high school? …from college?
Have you experienced the death of a close family member?
Have you experienced the death of a distant family member?
Were you physically abused during childhood? …as an adult?
Were you sexually abused during childhood? …as an adult?
Have you ever been involved with a miscarriage, stillbirth or abortion?
Do you have a strained or painful relationship with a living parent(s), spouse, or friend in your work environment?
Do you harbor any resentments or ill-feelings toward a deceased parent(s), spouse, friend, or relative?
Have you ever experienced the loss of the use or function of any part of your body?
Have you ever experienced the death of a spouse?
Are there long stretches of your childhood that you cannot remember?
Have you experienced a series of illnesses or accidents?
Have you been involved in long series of unsuccessful relationships?




If you answered YES to ANY of the above questions, there is a strong probability that you were also indoctrinated with a whole host of MISINFORMATION about dealing with the pain caused by loss.

You may have been led to believe that:
• You have to bury sad feelings.
• Time heals all wounds.
• You should be strong for others.
• You have to keep busy.
• It was just God’s will.

GRIEF is the NORMAL and NATURAL reaction to loss. We grieve for everything. Yet, the clichés listed above and the hundreds of others not listed may have caused you to COVER up your normal and natural responses to LOSS. Unresolved loss is cumulative and cumulatively negative.

You may have been influenced to believe that there was something wrong with you, that you were defective. The simple truth is that you may not have much helpful information with which to GRIEVE and COMPLETE the losses that have occurred in your life.  Consequently, you may have spent, and continue to spend an inordinate amount of time and energy covering up the painful feelings associated with loss.

Hello from Relationship Enhancement Institute (REI)

Over at REI, we we are committed to extend a tradition of innovation and openness to advance the human community, reaching toward people across race, class, culture, religion, sexual orientation, and ethnicity.

We pioneer Sandplay Therapy in Singapore and are proud organizers of several other renowned therapy programs hosted in this region.

Here are our Professional Trainers:

Dr. Barbara Turner
Ivan Honey
Robert Taibbi, LCSW